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Addélice is committed to repairing the Swid Immersion Circulator for 10 years

Press release

Addélice is committed to repairing the Swid Immersion Circulator for 10 years.

Stuttgart, December 11th, 2017 – Addélice, European leader in the design and manufacture of immersion circulators devoted to sous vide cooking, is proud to announce its commitment to ensuring the repairability of the Swid and Swid Premium immersion circulators for 10 years*.
Since 2009, Addélice is continuously innovating by conceiving and manufacturing more powerful, accurate and reliable immersion circulators.

Addélice’s initiative is driven by the desire to improving its products, enhancing customer loyalty and help reducing the production of electronic and electrical waste.

Antoine Rémy – Managing Director at Addélice:
“Caterers, Chefs or Butchers frequently contact us to share their disappointment when their sous vide equipment breaks down after the warranty period. Either the device is a low-end equipment and therefore often impossible to have it repaired, or the cost of the repair is high if, by chance, the part to be replaced is still available from the manufacturer or a repairer… “.

Addelice decided, in 2016, to respond and proposed customers the possibility of undertaking a 2-year warranty extension on the Swid immersion circulator, which brings to 4 years the Swid warranty. This is a world first for a heavy-duty professional sous vide equipment.

In 2017, Addélice’s engineers thoroughly modified the design of the Swid to ensure it could be easily dismantled and each components simply accessible and replaceable. All necessary information is made available to the repair sector in the form of exploded views and videos. On request, our customers could also benefit from these videos and printed copy tutorials, with Addelice’s personalized supervision and support.

The price of each component is transparent and competitive compared to the price of a brand new immersion circulator.

Thus, Addelice guarantees the possibility to repair the Swid and Swid Premium after the warranty period and for many years.

(*) with the exception of USA/Canada and as from 2017/12/11

Press Contact: Antoine Rémy
Tel :
Email :
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The new Swid Premium 2,400W is now available!


Addelice promised it, and we have created it for you!

The Swid Premium is the most powerful immersion circulator of the world! Its 2.400 W will provide a great comfort to Chef and especially caterers.

Thanks to Addelice’s German engineering, famous for its quality and reliability, the Swid Premium will help you reaching the target temperature of your water bath twice faster compared to a 1,300W immersion circulator.
Of course, as soon as the bath reaches the required temperature, the Swid Premium’s energy consumption will be equivalent to a bulb of 60W.

Your Swid premium is waiting for you at your reseller shop. Should you need to obtain the contact details of your closest Swid Premium distributor, don’t hesitate to contact us.

Swid Premium – A High Class Professional Grade Immersion Circulator


Since its launch in 2009 the Swid immersion circulator has become a reference in the world of Sous Vide cooking. Approved by a large number of professionals (Chef Simon, Ceproc Innovation Pro, Ecole Gregoire Ferrandi, Institut Paul Bocuse and other wellknown European cooking Schools…), tested by independent third parties (FoodService-Equipment, Souvidecooking…) the Swid is indisputably an asset for professionals looking for a cooking device with exceptional technical specifications and reliability at a competitive price.

Addélice is proud to present the Swid Premium. This version of the Swid is the culmination of six years of research and development. The Swid Premium is the only immersion circulator in the world capable of 2,400W (1,200W for the 110V version), which helps to reach the target temperature quickly and is hence a great advantage in time-critical scenarios like event catering, for example.

The Swid Premium will be sold exclusively through professional dealerships.

Should you have any question about the Swid Premium or if you want to distribute it, do not hesitate to contact us.

Maintenance of Addelice’s Immersion Circulator

How to descale a sous vide immersion circulator?

Since 2009 Addelice develops a strong and close relationship with its customers, mostly professionals. We constantly work on improving the Swid. We are also by your side in case your Swid immersion circulator needs maintenance. Addélice’s team is at your disposal to answer questions and solve your problems.

A frequently asked question: what kind of regular maintenance does my immersion circulator need?

1. Prevention

Before performing maintenance operations on your Swid it is important to observe standards of good practice and care-follow on the Swid. The following applies to all sous vide cookers on the market:

  • While in operation, place your immersion circulator in a ventilated area, as far away from a source of dust or fat (frying pan, deep fryer…) as possible.
  • Limescale deposits: do not pour vinegar in the waterbath in order to lower the hardness of your water. Vinegar, even heated at low temperature, creates acetic acid vapors. Over time these acid vapors can corrode electronic components and thus reduce the reliability of your immersion circulator.
  • Just refilling and not exchanging the water in your pot/tank every day for a week will greatly increase the concentration of calcium in your water-bath. This habit should be avoided. As soon as you get the chance, fully empty your tank and add fresh water.
  • The Swid is a brim-full of electronics precision instrument: your immersion circulator contains a computer performing thousands of calculations per second that is positioned  over a steam bath during many hours… Suffice to say that your swid is subject to significant stress. During operation, the inside of the Swid is ventalited by a powerful fan. When the Swid is switched off but still attached to the water bath, steam can condensate inside the immersion circulator. It is commonly recommended by all manufacturers, after each use, to remove the immersion circulator from the container.

2. Descaling and degreasing of your immersion circulator

All immersed parts of the Swid are stainless steel and easily accessible. No tools or disassembly processes are required for cleaning or descaling the Swid.
We recommend carrying out the following maintenance operations after each week of intensive use of the Swid immersion circulator:

Degreasing: poorly sealed vacuum pouches can leak or open during the cooking process. Therefore the immersed parts of the Swid can become fatty. The float switch of your Swid is an important safety part of your immersion circulator. Make sure it is not stuck because of fat. Your stainless steel float switch can easily be cleaned with dish soap. Simply run the Swid at 30 ° C in a small pot with soapy water for one hour.

Descaling: unlike most of our competitors’ products, the mechanism for stirring (pump) the water bath is very simple and easy to descale.

Which product to use for descaling the heater element of my immersion circulator?

There is no need to purchase products “especially designed” to clean your heater.
Some products are available on the market at low cost. We have selected two for you:

  • Citric acid: it is natural, biodegradable and non-toxic to humans and the environment. You can find a kg of citric acid on Ebay or Amazon  for less than € 10.
    Place your immersion circulator in a small pot filled with water.
    Add one tablespoon of citric acid in 5-8 liters of water.
    Set the Swid at 50 ° C for 1 hour. Rinse the Swid with fresh water.
  • Sulfamic Acid (H3NSO3) is a chemical compound widely used in the industry and to clean household coffee makers (Starwax), for example. Sulfamic acid can easily be found online in bulk (1 Kg for less than € 10). Please observe the conditions for use on the package.

Should you have any question feel free to contact us.

Addelice Warranty and After-Sales Service

Logo-addelice-swid-sous-vide-cookerWhen buying a sous vide immersion circulator, Warranty and After-Sales service must be part of a global offer. The service offer can  vary significantly across different Manufacturers and Resellers!

Questions to ask when purchasing an immersion circulator:

1. Who sells you the immersion circulator? A Manufacturer or a Distributor? If the seller is a Distributor, will they be able to repair the equipment themselves or does it have to be sent in to the Manufacturer and how long will it take for you to get it back? If a Manufacturer sells the sous vide device directly to you, where are they located and what will it take to organize the After-Sales Service?

2.  How long is the warranty and what are the terms?

3.  After the warranty period, what are the costs of a repair?

4.  How fast will you get your machine back?

All these questions should be addressed and answers should be detailed.

The question of the origin of an immersion circulator is problematic: With rising popularity of sous vide cooking, many models available today are now sourced directly from OEM manufacturers in  China and simply rebranded.
The companies selling these immersion circulators often do not have the knowledge nor the means to carry out a qualified repair. These so-called manufacturers have no control over the quality of the product and the manufacturing process. It is easy to identify such products on the internet.
If you see the same immersion circulator sold under different brands, be careful!

Since 6 years Addélice designs, manufactures and distributes the Swid.  Addélice is a German company.

Is your reseller or distributor capable of repairing your immersion circulator? Does he have parts in stock? This point is important. Most often your distributor is a dealer only and, even though he could change a part of the device, it will be difficult for him to identify the cause or origin of the issue. Therefore, instead of replacing a cheap single electronic component, a reseller will change an expensive part (a Printed Circuit Board for example) and make a substantial margin on it.
If your reseller has to send your immersion circulator back to the manufacturer’s service center for repair, it could significantly increase the time until you get your machine back.

Addélice is the designer of Swid. We are able to immediately identify an issue and repair the Swid immersion circulator. In other words, in most cases, a simple little component will be replaced and not for example, a full Printed Circuit Board.

What is covered under the warranty? It generally covers parts and labour, excluding shipping costs. It is usually 1 year long, sometimes 2 years depending on laws in the country of origin .

Addélice is a German company that offers 2 years warranty, parts and labour. Return costs (for Europe only) are supported by Addélice.

Garantie-2-ansWhat are the parts that can break down and how much will cost a repair out of warranty? Schematically an immersion circulator is composed of a heater element, a Printed Circuit Boards (PCB), a temperature sensor and a motor with a propeller to stir the water in the water bath. Before ordering a sous vide device it is important to know the replacement costs (parts and labour) for each of these parts.

Since April 2015, the Swid immersion circulator benefits from a platinum temperature sensor (Pt100) that is almost indestructible. The Swid sous vide cooker is a very reliable device with parts that rarely break down. Only the heater element (this is the case for any sous vide immersion circulator of the market) and the PCB can possibly break down.
Changing an Addélice heater element will cost you EUR 55 excl. VAT (parts and labour). The replacement of the Swid’s PCB (Version April 2015) will cost your EUR 70 excl. VAT (parts and labor). It is rare that a Swid requires a full PCB replacement.

The waiting time for a repair is also important. Who better than the Company that has designed and manufactured your machine can inspect and repair it? In case of an issue , simply contact Addélice via  the  contact form on our website.
As from June 2015 your Swid benefits from a  “QR code” for quick access to the Swid’s information and direct contact with Addelice’s after-sales service. Addélice will indicate the closest service center. When Addélice receives your Swid it will be inspected and repaired the same day, tested overnight and sent back to you the next day. This means that you will be missing your Swid for about a week (if located in the EU).

Also think about custom and VAT issues when you have to ship your machine back to the country of origin (the USA for example)!

Should you have any questions about the warranty and Addelice’s after-sales service do not hesitate to contact us via this contact form.

The New Swid 2015, Now Available!

Since July 2009 Addélice designs, manufactures and distributes the Swid, an Immersion Circulator dedicated to sous vide cooking. The year 2015 will be a banner year for Addélice marked by the launch of the new version of Swid. The new Swid is probably the most reliable and advanced Professional Cooking Immersion Circulator of the market. Its technical specifications are outstanding and suit to the most demanding Chefs. What makes the Swid more reliable than its competitors?

The Swid benefits from a Pt100 temperature sensor made of platinum. In other words the Swid’s probe is immutable, it cannot lose accuracy. Therefore your Swid will never require any calibration. Which is not the case for most of the other Immersion Circulators of the market. Your Swid is highly accurate and will remain so!

The platinium Pt100 temperature sensor of the Swid ensure excellent reliability and longevity of your equipment.
The platinium Pt100 temperature sensor of the Swid ensure excellent reliability and longevity of your equipment.


With its 2,000W the Swid is one of the most powerful Immersion Circulator of the market. This represents a considerable advantage especially for Caterers who quickly need to bring water baths up to 58 liters up to temperature at clients’ premises. Note that it will take almost twice as long for a competitor with a 1,300W device compared to the Swid heating the same volume of water.

– Stability of water bath’s temperature is key in sous vide cooking. Combi ovens suffer from significant temperature variations (sometimes several Celsius degrees between the top and bottom of the oven). The Swid has a stability of ± 0.05 ° C  in a pot of 8 liters as well as in a 2/1 GN container of 58 liters . This “surgical” precision is a true asset to your cooking and reheating (regenerating) works.

In addition to these three important points, the Swid also has these advantages:

– All immersed parts are of the Swid are stainless steel for long-term reliability,
– The ultra portability and lightness of the Swid (2 kg),
– In relation to its technical specifications the Swid is the most competitive Immersion Circulator of the market.

Addélice also offers customized services:

– Should you have any questions, we will answer to you by email within 12 hours,
– Your equipment broke down and you need an Immersion Circulator in less than 48 hours? Our DHL Express service will meet your request.

A Customer Service that meets your needs:

–  Addelice offers a worldwide 2 years warranty, parts and labour,
– Who better than Addélice can repair or overhaul your Swid Immersion Circulator? In case of a problem please return the Swid for inspection to our Customer Service Center in Germany. The Swid will be inspected and repaired the day we receive it and tested all night long. Your device will be shipped back the next day. In other words you will miss your Swid about 6 days only.

For further information, don’t hesitate to Contact Us.

Addélice will exhibit new products at SIRHA Expo (France)


The Sirha is a major culinary event taking place in France (Lyon). Addélice will exhibit at this occasion its new products between January 22nd and 26th, stand 6K26.

Don’t hesitate visiting us to test the swid, the first immersion circulator 100% dedicated to sous vide. You will also have the possibility to assist (and to taste) to sous vide demonstrations performed by Chef Samuel Sirois.



Addélice designs and produces high-quality avant-garde cuisine equipment. Our equipment is used by Chefs around the globe. To be able to perfectly respond to professional demands and to constantly improve our products, we are working with a number of renowned partners.



January 13th, 2011, Lausanne.
The Ecole hôtelière de Lausanne (EHL)
As the oldest hotel school in the world, the Ecole hôtelière de Lausanne (EHL) offers university-level studies to talented and ambitious students who are aiming for top careers in the international hospitality industry. In addition to this international recognition, EHL constantly broadens the scope of its three academic programmes by integrating market trends and new technologies.
Since it was founded in 1893, EHL has educated more than 25,000 hospitality industry executives. The worldwide network of alumni represents an invaluable asset for every member of the EHL community. Today, there are over 1,800 students, from more than 90 different countries, enjoying the unique and enriching environment of the Ecole hôtelière de Lausanne.

Adress: Le Chalet-à-Gobet, Route de Cojonnex 18, 1000 Lausanne 25, Suisse
Phone number: + 41 21 785 11 11



August 9 2010, Hamburg.
At the Kochkonzept Cooking School it is all about participation. The attendees spend exciting evenings in a pleasant environment, in which they will particapte in the whole course of the evening from the first cut to the decoration of the plates.

In small groups of ten persons maximum with one or two course leaders, the participants are taught valuable knowledge all around the world of cooking.

Daily usability is of great importance at Kochkonzept. The goal is to enable the particapants to reproduce the learned techniques at home. The courses are usually created to not overburden cooking newbies and to leave enough to discover for experienced cooks at the same time.

Addélice is glad that Kochkonzept has chosen the Swid as the machine of choice for their Sous-Vide courses.

More information about the courses at Kochkonzept can be found here.

KOCHKONZEPT, Kupferhof 4, 21029 Hamburg
Tel: +49 (0)40 81974343



Institut Paul Bocuse


The Institut Paul Bocuse is a reference in professional hospitality, gastronomy and culinary art education. It integrates tradition, modernity, innovation and research. At Institut Paul Bocuse technical and managerial know-how is taught to respond to the current and future requirements of the profession on an international level. This know-how incorporates a variety of cooking methods, most notably Sous-Vide and right temperature cooking. The swid immersion circulator is the core of the professional partnership between the Institut Paul Bocuse and Addélice.

Institut Paul Bocuse, Château du Vivier – BP 25 – 69131 Ecully Cedex France.
Tel : +33 (0)4 72 18 02 20





April 15 2010, Paris. The GRÉGOIRE FERRANDI Cooking School is a member of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Paris and has been established more than 50 years ago. The school welcomes 1,500 new students  and 2,000 practitioners in continuing education from all over the world each year.

The GRÉGOIRE FERRANDI Cooking School educates future restaurant managers and chefs on a high culinary level.

Many members of the faculty of this school belong to the elite of the profession (Michelin Star rated chefs, Meilleurs Ouvriers de France).

At the same time, GRÉGOIRE FERRANDI has also developped training courses for professionals of commercial gastronomy.

The abilities to innovate, to create and to adapt to the needs of the market are vital to respond to the needs of modern companies in the gastronomy field.
The course ‘Cuisine Sous Vide’ teaches how to master this new cooking method. For more information contact + 33 (0)1 49 54 17 52.
Address : 28 rue de l’abbé Grégoire, 75006 Paris, France.



April 1 2010, Cordes sur Ciel. The THURIÈS Gastronomie Magazine with monthly issues in French is dedicated to promote culinary art. With 32,000 copies, the THURIÈS Gastronomie Magazine is addressed to all professionals in the restaurant and hotel business, chefs, pâtissiers, restaurant managers, bakers, chocolatiers, teachers and students of gastronomy schools…. and to ambitious amateurs.




March 1 2010, 75019 Paris. The CEPROC (Centre Européen des Professions Culinaires ) has been created in the late 1960s as an initiative of caterers and butchers. It has since opened itself to other culinary professions and has taken on the name ‘CFA des métiers de la gastronomie’.

The CEPROC addresses itself to young apprentices (1,100 students) as well as to professionals in continuing education (3,000 each year).

For information about Sous Vide courses contact Emmanuelle Resche +33 (0)1 42 39 71 20.

“The SWID is an immersion circulator for Chefs and home cooks” says French Chef Simon


French Chef Simon has tested the Swid, Addélice’s immersion circulator dedicated to sous vide, since december 2009.
Today Chef Simon published two articles about the Swid and said “Addélice’s immersion circulator fulfills Chefs needs and also those of home cooks”.

This is in accordance with our philosophy of providing reliable and professional sous vide equipment for professionals and individuals alike.

You can find the articles here (in French):

A technical description of the swid.


A complete review of the swid by Chef Simon


Swid featured in introductory article about Sous Vide Cooking in Swiss magazine Femina


The Swiss Femina magazine and Manuella Magnin published an excellent article about sous vide, introducing this cooking method with a description of sous vide equipments and some recipes.

Femina-Sous-Vide-swid-Addelice-thermoplongeur_2The swid, Addélice’s immersion circulator dedicated to sous vide is presented in this article as the most competitive appliance of its kind.

Here is a short summary of this article in French only.

You can also click on the above pictures to download the PDF files of the Femina Article p44, 45 et 46 dated February 28th, 2010.