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The Swid Immersion Circulator adopts QR Codes

As of June 2015  Swid Immersion Circulators come with a new label containing  a “QR Code“.

Etiquette-QR-code-Addelice-Swid-frFor those who do not yet know this black and white checkerboard, the QR code allows anyone with a smartphone and a corresponding application (eg Unitag …) to scan the pattern in order to transfer the encoded contact information directly to your phone.

Unitag_QRCode_QR_MobileWhat is the advantage of having a QR Code on your Swid?
This allows you to easily be in direct contact with Addélice, in case you need to:

  • check the technical specifications of your Swid
  • contact Addélice’s Custome Service Center
  • consult the Swid Quick Start Guide or simply obtain a fast answer on how to switch the Swid from °F to °C for example
  • buy a new Swid or another Addélice product

After scanning the QR code you will be taken directly to an internet site specifically tailored to your smartphone. It is particularly concise and readable.

Addelice-mobile-swid-sous-vide-QR-headerThe Addélice Team is always there to answer all your requests and questions. We will reply within 24 hours.