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Addélice is committed to repairing the Swid Immersion Circulator for 10 years

Press release

Addélice is committed to repairing the Swid Immersion Circulator for 10 years.

Stuttgart, December 11th, 2017 – Addélice, European leader in the design and manufacture of immersion circulators devoted to sous vide cooking, is proud to announce its commitment to ensuring the repairability of the Swid and Swid Premium immersion circulators for 10 years*.
Since 2009, Addélice is continuously innovating by conceiving and manufacturing more powerful, accurate and reliable immersion circulators.

Addélice’s initiative is driven by the desire to improving its products, enhancing customer loyalty and help reducing the production of electronic and electrical waste.

Antoine Rémy – Managing Director at Addélice:
“Caterers, Chefs or Butchers frequently contact us to share their disappointment when their sous vide equipment breaks down after the warranty period. Either the device is a low-end equipment and therefore often impossible to have it repaired, or the cost of the repair is high if, by chance, the part to be replaced is still available from the manufacturer or a repairer… “.

Addelice decided, in 2016, to respond and proposed customers the possibility of undertaking a 2-year warranty extension on the Swid immersion circulator, which brings to 4 years the Swid warranty. This is a world first for a heavy-duty professional sous vide equipment.

In 2017, Addélice’s engineers thoroughly modified the design of the Swid to ensure it could be easily dismantled and each components simply accessible and replaceable. All necessary information is made available to the repair sector in the form of exploded views and videos. On request, our customers could also benefit from these videos and printed copy tutorials, with Addelice’s personalized supervision and support.

The price of each component is transparent and competitive compared to the price of a brand new immersion circulator.

Thus, Addelice guarantees the possibility to repair the Swid and Swid Premium after the warranty period and for many years.

(*) with the exception of USA/Canada and as from 2017/12/11

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Independent Product Comparison Test of Food Service Equipment

In 2016, the German website published a comparison of the three most representative sous vide immersion circulators available on the German market:

The LV.50 (Lavide)
The Swid (Addelice)
The FusionChef Pearl (Julabo)

The comparison (in German) is available in Pdf format on the Food Service Equipment website. To download this comparison you can also click on the image below.


We have translated for you the final comment of the review for each immersion circulator. The result is without appeal! The Swid is certainly the best value for money.

LV.50 by Lavide:
“The Lv50 is a good immersion circulator for intensive use, but its low power capacity is not acceptable for a midrange device. Regardless of its excellent performance you need to consider whether it is justified to pay EUR 300 more (than the Swid) while having 63% less power.
Conclusion: too expensive in terms of performance. ”

Swid by Addelice:
“The Swid of Addelice is a robust immersion circulator. You must look beyond the plastic casing. The 3 mm thick steel structure quickly compensates for this point. The Swid’s power is identical to the FusionChef Pearl, for a much lower price. The price of the Swid is also more competitive compared to the Lavide LV.50.
Conclusion: the winner value for money price (based on objective criterion). ”

Pearl by FusionChef:
“The FusionChef Pearl comes from the laboratory world and benefits from Julabo’s experience. However, if an ultra-stability of ± 0.02 ° C may be required in the laboratory, we doubt about such needs for culinary applications The power of the pump is appreciable but the latter can be damaged in case of contact with a foreign body.
Fusion Chef only issues the Pearl price on request. The cheapest price we found on the internet was EUR 1,000 excl. VAT.
Conclusion: better mixing of water (objective criterion), beautiful look (subjective criterion). ”

Final conclusion of the test: “In order to carry out this comparison, the Editorial team has tested these 3 immersion circulators. The Swid by Addélice has proved its performance and reliability over the last 3 years of use.

The three devices tested can be considered as suitable for intensive professional use. ”


Addélice will exhibit new products at SIRHA Expo (France)


The Sirha is a major culinary event taking place in France (Lyon). Addélice will exhibit at this occasion its new products between January 22nd and 26th, stand 6K26.

Don’t hesitate visiting us to test the swid, the first immersion circulator 100% dedicated to sous vide. You will also have the possibility to assist (and to taste) to sous vide demonstrations performed by Chef Samuel Sirois.


Alain Poletto, Sous Vide Embassador at “Prazeres da Mesa Ao Vivo” Sao Paulo (Brazil)


From October 27th to October 29th, a major culinary event called “Prazeres da Mesa Ao Vivo” took place at Senac University Center in Sao Paulo (Brazil) .

At this occasion Chef Alain Poletto cooked sous vide a typical Amazon fish Pirarucu with a Tucupi sauce  and herbes such as jambu, alfavaca, chicoria do Parà.

Polette-sous-vide-Pirarucu-Addelice-swid-immersion circulator-Ao-Vivo

Pirarucu fish cooked sous vide with Addélice’s immersion circulator.


“The SWID is an immersion circulator for Chefs and home cooks” says French Chef Simon


French Chef Simon has tested the Swid, Addélice’s immersion circulator dedicated to sous vide, since december 2009.
Today Chef Simon published two articles about the Swid and said “Addélice’s immersion circulator fulfills Chefs needs and also those of home cooks”.

This is in accordance with our philosophy of providing reliable and professional sous vide equipment for professionals and individuals alike.

You can find the articles here (in French):

A technical description of the swid.


A complete review of the swid by Chef Simon


Swid featured in introductory article about Sous Vide Cooking in Swiss magazine Femina


The Swiss Femina magazine and Manuella Magnin published an excellent article about sous vide, introducing this cooking method with a description of sous vide equipments and some recipes.

Femina-Sous-Vide-swid-Addelice-thermoplongeur_2The swid, Addélice’s immersion circulator dedicated to sous vide is presented in this article as the most competitive appliance of its kind.

Here is a short summary of this article in French only.

You can also click on the above pictures to download the PDF files of the Femina Article p44, 45 et 46 dated February 28th, 2010.

L’Hôtellerie Restauration “The immersion circulator swid is about to be adopted by Chefs”

Hotellerie et restauration

The well-known French professional magazine L’Hôtellerie Restauration published 2 articles about sous vide equipments. These articles mention the swid, Addélice’s immersion circulator. Jean Gabriel du Jaiflin, journalist at L’Hôtellerie Restauration says the swid is about to become a standard in Chef’s kitchen.

For a copy of these 2 articles (in French) click on the links below:

Article (in French) of L’Hôtellerie Restauration dated January 6th, 2010
Article (in French) of L’Hôtellerie Restauration dated January 9th, 2010