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Addélice is committed to repairing the Swid Immersion Circulator for 10 years

Press release

Addélice is committed to repairing the Swid Immersion Circulator for 10 years.

Stuttgart, December 11th, 2017 – Addélice, European leader in the design and manufacture of immersion circulators devoted to sous vide cooking, is proud to announce its commitment to ensuring the repairability of the Swid and Swid Premium immersion circulators for 10 years*.
Since 2009, Addélice is continuously innovating by conceiving and manufacturing more powerful, accurate and reliable immersion circulators.

Addélice’s initiative is driven by the desire to improving its products, enhancing customer loyalty and help reducing the production of electronic and electrical waste.

Antoine Rémy – Managing Director at Addélice:
“Caterers, Chefs or Butchers frequently contact us to share their disappointment when their sous vide equipment breaks down after the warranty period. Either the device is a low-end equipment and therefore often impossible to have it repaired, or the cost of the repair is high if, by chance, the part to be replaced is still available from the manufacturer or a repairer… “.

Addelice decided, in 2016, to respond and proposed customers the possibility of undertaking a 2-year warranty extension on the Swid immersion circulator, which brings to 4 years the Swid warranty. This is a world first for a heavy-duty professional sous vide equipment.

In 2017, Addélice’s engineers thoroughly modified the design of the Swid to ensure it could be easily dismantled and each components simply accessible and replaceable. All necessary information is made available to the repair sector in the form of exploded views and videos. On request, our customers could also benefit from these videos and printed copy tutorials, with Addelice’s personalized supervision and support.

The price of each component is transparent and competitive compared to the price of a brand new immersion circulator.

Thus, Addelice guarantees the possibility to repair the Swid and Swid Premium after the warranty period and for many years.

(*) with the exception of USA/Canada and as from 2017/12/11

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Addelice’s 2 years warranty extension


Addelice is a German company that designs, manufactures and distributes the Swid since 2009.
Since January 2016 Addelice proposes, in addition to the 2-years manufaturer warranty, a 2-years warranty extension for EUR 65 incl. VAT.
In 2009 Addélice was the first company in the world to design an immersion circulator dedicated to sous vide. Now we are the first to propose up to 4 years warranty!

Warranty extensions are often poorly perceived by consumers, for good reasons. Main consumer associations’ criticisms are the following:

  • The extension of warranty is not useful,
  • The warranty extension does not cover wear parts,
  • The warranty extension is nominative and can not be ceded in case of resale of the device…

A sous vide immersion circulator is a device that can be used by the professional 24/24, 6 days a week and 10 months out of 12. The Swid is constantly exposed to water vapor and high temperatures. In other words, the Swid is subjected to intensive use. An extension of warranty is therefore not as useless as it seems compared to an electronic or mechanical device that would be used only rarely.

Addelice undertakes to cover all parts of the Swid, including wear and tear, with the exception of parts with aesthetic defects (scratches, etc.).

Addélice warranty extension is transferable. You can resell it with your Swid.

Still a doubt: check out our contract here.

For any information do not hesitate to contact us through our contact form.


Swid Premium – A High Class Professional Grade Immersion Circulator


Since its launch in 2009 the Swid immersion circulator has become a reference in the world of Sous Vide cooking. Approved by a large number of professionals (Chef Simon, Ceproc Innovation Pro, Ecole Gregoire Ferrandi, Institut Paul Bocuse and other wellknown European cooking Schools…), tested by independent third parties (FoodService-Equipment, Souvidecooking…) the Swid is indisputably an asset for professionals looking for a cooking device with exceptional technical specifications and reliability at a competitive price.

Addélice is proud to present the Swid Premium. This version of the Swid is the culmination of six years of research and development. The Swid Premium is the only immersion circulator in the world capable of 2,400W (1,200W for the 110V version), which helps to reach the target temperature quickly and is hence a great advantage in time-critical scenarios like event catering, for example.

The Swid Premium will be sold exclusively through professional dealerships.

Should you have any question about the Swid Premium or if you want to distribute it, do not hesitate to contact us.

Intergastra Fair 2016 in Stuttgart

Intergastra-2016-Stuttgart-Addelice-Sous-vide-boothFrom February 20th to the 24th we welcome you on our booth 1B41 at Intergastra 2016 in Stuttgart.
Intergastra-Stand-Addelice-Swid-Sous-videThe Addelice Team is waiting for you to present the latest version of the Swid Immersion Circulator and answer all your questions about sous vide cooking.
Intergastra-sous-vide-Addelice-Swid-immersion-circulatorsIntergastra-Stuttgart-2016-Addelice-Swid-Sous-vide-Immersion-CirculatorWhether you are an amateur cook, a Professional Chef or a Caterer, Addélice has solutions for all your cooking needs.
Intergastra-Swid-Immersion-circularor-sous-vide-heater-element-detailsB2B distributors are not forgotten: within the next 7 months we will offer resellers a premium version of the Swid. B2B Resellers are welcome to contact us for more information.

The Swid Immersion Circulator adopts QR Codes

As of June 2015  Swid Immersion Circulators come with a new label containing  a “QR Code“.

Etiquette-QR-code-Addelice-Swid-frFor those who do not yet know this black and white checkerboard, the QR code allows anyone with a smartphone and a corresponding application (eg Unitag …) to scan the pattern in order to transfer the encoded contact information directly to your phone.

Unitag_QRCode_QR_MobileWhat is the advantage of having a QR Code on your Swid?
This allows you to easily be in direct contact with Addélice, in case you need to:

  • check the technical specifications of your Swid
  • contact Addélice’s Custome Service Center
  • consult the Swid Quick Start Guide or simply obtain a fast answer on how to switch the Swid from °F to °C for example
  • buy a new Swid or another Addélice product

After scanning the QR code you will be taken directly to an internet site specifically tailored to your smartphone. It is particularly concise and readable.

Addelice-mobile-swid-sous-vide-QR-headerThe Addélice Team is always there to answer all your requests and questions. We will reply within 24 hours.

The New Swid 2015, Now Available!

Since July 2009 Addélice designs, manufactures and distributes the Swid, an Immersion Circulator dedicated to sous vide cooking. The year 2015 will be a banner year for Addélice marked by the launch of the new version of Swid. The new Swid is probably the most reliable and advanced Professional Cooking Immersion Circulator of the market. Its technical specifications are outstanding and suit to the most demanding Chefs. What makes the Swid more reliable than its competitors?

The Swid benefits from a Pt100 temperature sensor made of platinum. In other words the Swid’s probe is immutable, it cannot lose accuracy. Therefore your Swid will never require any calibration. Which is not the case for most of the other Immersion Circulators of the market. Your Swid is highly accurate and will remain so!

The platinium Pt100 temperature sensor of the Swid ensure excellent reliability and longevity of your equipment.
The platinium Pt100 temperature sensor of the Swid ensure excellent reliability and longevity of your equipment.


With its 2,000W the Swid is one of the most powerful Immersion Circulator of the market. This represents a considerable advantage especially for Caterers who quickly need to bring water baths up to 58 liters up to temperature at clients’ premises. Note that it will take almost twice as long for a competitor with a 1,300W device compared to the Swid heating the same volume of water.

– Stability of water bath’s temperature is key in sous vide cooking. Combi ovens suffer from significant temperature variations (sometimes several Celsius degrees between the top and bottom of the oven). The Swid has a stability of ± 0.05 ° C  in a pot of 8 liters as well as in a 2/1 GN container of 58 liters . This “surgical” precision is a true asset to your cooking and reheating (regenerating) works.

In addition to these three important points, the Swid also has these advantages:

– All immersed parts are of the Swid are stainless steel for long-term reliability,
– The ultra portability and lightness of the Swid (2 kg),
– In relation to its technical specifications the Swid is the most competitive Immersion Circulator of the market.

Addélice also offers customized services:

– Should you have any questions, we will answer to you by email within 12 hours,
– Your equipment broke down and you need an Immersion Circulator in less than 48 hours? Our DHL Express service will meet your request.

A Customer Service that meets your needs:

–  Addelice offers a worldwide 2 years warranty, parts and labour,
– Who better than Addélice can repair or overhaul your Swid Immersion Circulator? In case of a problem please return the Swid for inspection to our Customer Service Center in Germany. The Swid will be inspected and repaired the day we receive it and tested all night long. Your device will be shipped back the next day. In other words you will miss your Swid about 6 days only.

For further information, don’t hesitate to Contact Us.

Official release of the swid site featuring the world’s first immersion circulator 100% dedicated to sous vide


Addélice is glad to inform you about the release of an internet site devoted to the swid.
This site contains information about sous vide, the swid (addélice’s immersion circulator), technical specifications of the swid, vacuum machines sold together with the swid as a kit (LAVA and Vac-Star), a photo gallery and a FAQ section.

The swid site is available in 3 languages, English, French and German.

Addelice Launches First Immersion Circulator Dedicated to Sous Vide Cooking


Sous-Vide is french for ‘under vacuum’ and describes a method to cook food at low temperatures inside a vacuum sealed pouch. It was invented in France in the 1970s as a result of the search for the perfect way to cook foie gras. Since its invention, chefs of the best restaurants all over the world have started experimenting with this technique, many of them adopting it as their way of choice to cook meat and fish.

Cooking meats to the right degree of doneness is one of the biggest challenges in the kitchen, which even professionals often fail to achieve. But what makes it so difficult to achieve good results when cooking meat or fish? A perfect steak should have a core temperature of 55ºC while a hot pan has approximately 300ºC. Pan-frying a steak until the core temperature comes up to 55ºC therefore inevitably leads to everything but the center of the steak being overcooked. In recent years low temperature cooking has become increasingly popular and although this method is far superior to pan-frying, it is very difficult to consistently achieve perfect results.

Using the Sous-Vide method, meat or fish is placed inside a vacuum pouch from which air is evacuated using a vacuum sealer. This can be done with simple and inexpensive household appliances or with professional chamber-style vacuum sealers. The sealed pouch is then placed inside a precisely tempered water bath. Once the desired core temperature of the product has been reached, cooking time will not be of big concern anymore. In fact, longer cooking times will result in more tenderness, yet the product will never be overcooked. Moreover, the results will always be reproducible.

Swid-16For perfect results, the tolerance for temperature fluctuations is very narrow. The temperature band for a perfectly cooked steak, for example, ranges from 55ºC (medium-rare) to 60ºC (medium) only. Special precision appliances are necessary to control and hold a set temperature very stable. Those machines are called “immersion circulators”, each of which consist of a high-precision temperature probe, a heating power controller, a heating element and a circulation pump. Those devices were initially developed for laboratories and although commonly found in top restaurant kitchens, they never made it into private homes – mainly due to their steep prices.

Although the Sous-Vide method is gaining popularity with non-professional chefs, there has not been an affordable solution that had all the advantages of a laboratory immersion circulator. This changes today as Addelice Ltd, manufacturer of special cooking equipments, released the swid – the world’s first immersion circulator dedicated to Sous-Vide cooking. The swid has a heating power of 2.000 Watt and is capable of holding a set temperature stable within a 0.05ºC band. The swid can be ordered online now for 449€, worldwide shipping inclusive. For additional information about the swid you can also visit