Swid featured in introductory article about Sous Vide Cooking in Swiss magazine Femina


The Swiss Femina magazine and Manuella Magnin published an excellent article about sous vide, introducing this cooking method with a description of sous vide equipments and some recipes.

Femina-Sous-Vide-swid-Addelice-thermoplongeur_2The swid, Addélice’s immersion circulator dedicated to sous vide is presented in this article as the most competitive appliance of its kind.

Here is a short summary of this article in French only.

You can also click on the above pictures to download the PDF files of the Femina Article p44, 45 et 46 dated February 28th, 2010.

Official release of the swid site featuring the world’s first immersion circulator 100% dedicated to sous vide


Addélice is glad to inform you about the release of www.swid.eu an internet site devoted to the swid.
This site contains information about sous vide, the swid (addélice’s immersion circulator), technical specifications of the swid, vacuum machines sold together with the swid as a kit (LAVA and Vac-Star), a photo gallery and a FAQ section.

The swid site is available in 3 languages, English, French and German.